How To Learn To Tint

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How To Learn To Tint
How To Learn To Tint

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Hair tinting allows you to try different shades and finally decide on a radical change in hair color. Hair tinting is dyeing with light tint products. Toning will help to gently restore the natural color at the initial stage of hair graying. You can enhance your natural hair color with toning.

How to learn to tint
How to learn to tint


Coloring products, gloves, protective cape, brush, wide-toothed non-metallic comb


Step 1

Decide how you want to get the result from toning. Consider if you are planning to change the color a couple of tones or just add a light shade to your hair.

If you want more than one shade, use multiple tinting products. Examine the correspondence table of the original hair color. The closer the desired tone to natural, the better it will fit. If you want a shade that is much lighter than the actual shade of your hair, use a lightening product. No pre-clarification is required to obtain a darker shade.

Consider your natural hair color. For example, copper and red shades will look interesting on light brown hair. The same colors are also suitable for dark blondes.

In order to refresh the faces, for blondes with a reddish, golden or honey tint, choose a foundation in golden tones - honey, sunny, caramel.

Use lighter shades for a burnt-out effect on long hair.

Ashy natural hair color can be revived with pearl, platinum, silver, wheat foundation.

You can tint dark hair with golden, chocolate, chestnut, blue-black shades, use all shades of red or eggplant.

If you want a more natural shade¸ do not use more than three shades when toning.

Step 2

Prepare for your procedure. Wear gloves and protect clothing from paint. Apply a greasy cream to the areas of the face near the hair. If paint gets into these areas, it will be easy to remove.

Prepare the coloring composition according to the instructions.

Step 3

Apply the toner to clean, damp hair by squeezing the dye into the palm of your hand and spreading it over the entire length of the hair. Or use a special brush to apply the product.

To distribute the paint evenly, comb the strands with a non-metallic comb.

Depending on the desired result, you can tint wide strands or narrow strands for finer shades.

Step 4

Soak the paint for the time specified in the instructions and rinse with water. Rinse your hair several times until the water is clear.

Step 5

If you've used toning shampoo, reapply for five minutes and rinse your hair again.

Vary the intensity of the shade. The longer you keep the tinted shampoo on your hair, the brighter the color will be.

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