How To Use The Diffuser Attachment

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How To Use The Diffuser Attachment
How To Use The Diffuser Attachment

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Many women have a hairdryer with a diffuser. Its feature is the presence of "fingers" to add volume. It would seem that there should be no difficulties in using a diffuser. However, if you just run them through your hair, you get tow. Of course, there are certain nuances when working with a nozzle.

Diffuser nozzle
Diffuser nozzle


Hairdryer with diffuser, styling mousse, styling gel, towel


Step 1

Operating principle. The diffuser is a round disc with "fingers" located on it. Thanks to them, the incoming hot air is dispersed and does not burn the scalp. Drying with a diffuser can be called more gentle, as it works gently on the hair, preventing it from breaking and thinning. At the same time, the hair drying itself is faster than with a conventional hair dryer. After all, the nozzle distributes the air flow over most of the head. The short "fingers" on the diffuser are designed for short hair, and if the "fingers" are long, then this attachment will do for long hair.

Step 2

Straight hair. With straight hair, you should use low temperature settings to create hairstyles so as not to burn the hair. Apply foam or mousse to your hair before styling. This will help add volume. Initially, wet hair is dried simply with a hairdryer, and the process ends with a diffuser nozzle. Hair drying is carried out at the roots: with the help of the "fingers" of the nozzle, it is necessary to tousle the hair. The hair dryer should be at a 90 degree angle. In order to secure the hairstyle, at the end, blow a cold stream of air from the bottom up. And then sprinkle hair with varnish.

Step 3

Curly hair. First, wash your hair and pat dry your hair with a towel to prevent the water from dripping off. Then apply gel or mousse to the hair and spread over the entire length. Place the hair dryer to your head at an angle of 90 degrees, and tilt your head forward or to the side - whichever is more convenient. The hair should be wrapped around the diffuser “fingers”, but not tangled in them. Now you need to turn on the hairdryer. For simple curls, medium speed and temperature are sufficient. Blow dry your hair until dry. After that, apply mousse or gel to other strands and repeat the entire procedure. Thus, you need to process the entire head. Make sure the strands are the same size. After that, let the hair cool down and style it with your hands: no combing is necessary. You can sprinkle the curls with varnish and the hairstyle is ready.

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