How To Get A Romantic Hairstyle

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How To Get A Romantic Hairstyle
How To Get A Romantic Hairstyle

Video: How To Get A Romantic Hairstyle

Video: How To Get A Romantic Hairstyle
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Romantic hairstyles with curls, braids and graceful hair knots will make you sophisticated and very feminine. This styling can be done for a holiday, a party and, of course, a date. Choose simple hairstyles that are easy to do with your own hands.

How to get a romantic hairstyle
How to get a romantic hairstyle

Graceful curls

This hairstyle is perfect for long and semi-long hair. To get crisper curls, wash your hair and apply a volumizing conditioner to the hair roots. Then blow dry your hair and straighten the strands with an iron.

Separate small strands, spray them with styling spray, then roll them in medium-sized curlers. Curl your hair in different directions for a natural looking curl. Start styling at the top and back of your head, then curl your hair at the temples. Roll in the bangs last. Dry your hair with a hairdryer. In order for the curls to retain their volume and not sag, they must dry completely.

Remove the curlers carefully. Rub the styling cream into your palms and beat into your hair. Then divide them into a straight or side parting. Individual strands can be twisted with tongs. Spray your hair with varnish and decorate it with an artificial flower or pin a beautiful hair clip on the side.

Romantic wreath

Semi-long straight or wavy hair can be styled nicely around your head. Wash your hair, blow-dry your hair and treat with styling mousse. Divide them into a side parting and comb them carefully.

Start styling on the left side of the parting. With both hands, lift narrow strands, twist their ends into a loose bundle, and then twist into a roller, pinning them with hairpins. Make sure that the roller lies flat, taking the shape of a wreath. It is better to stick the hairpins from top to bottom and slightly obliquely - this way they will securely fix the hair. When you reach your right ear, tuck the ends of your hair inward. Use a long-handled comb to tuck the stray strands and sprinkle the hair with glitter polish.

Elegant knot

Try a stylish hairstyle - a low knot. The thicker the hair, the more beautiful the styling will turn out. To keep her from looking too strict, curl your bangs and decorate your hairstyle with hair jewelry.

Treat your hair with an iron, after sprinkling it with a smoothing spray. Comb the strands with a brush and gather them in a low ponytail at the back of your head. Comb it, smooth it lightly with a brush and sprinkle with varnish. Secure the end of the tail with a clip.

Pull up your hair and pin the end of the ponytail under the base of the ponytail using hairpins. Use horseshoe-shaped hairpins to hold your hair securely. Lower the tail, smooth it down with a brush and sprinkle with varnish. Tuck the ends of the hair under a knot and secure with a hairpin. Place artificial flowers at the base.

Treat the bangs with mousse or styling spray and curl with tongs. Comb through the bangs and use a fine comb to give it a wave that is raised above the forehead. Fix the hair with a strong hold spray.

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