How To Get A High Hairstyle

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How To Get A High Hairstyle
How To Get A High Hairstyle

Video: How To Get A High Hairstyle

Video: How To Get A High Hairstyle
Video: Quick and Easy High Cranial Top Hairstyles Tutorial | Effective Hairstyling 2023, April

High hairstyles - babette, named after the movie heroine, were very popular in the 60s. But fashion is known to be making a comeback. Today, many girls choose this type of hairstyle for evening styling or for a retro party. And some go even further and remember pin-up girls - American dolls of the 30s, who also sported brushes. It is not difficult to repeat such hairstyles even at home, on your own.

bouffant is the main thing in a high hairstyle
bouffant is the main thing in a high hairstyle


  • - a comb with blunt teeth
  • - strong hold varnish
  • - hair bands
  • - invisible
  • - hair band
  • - rhinestones, artificial flowers


Step 1

A babette hairstyle is done in five minutes with a certain skill. Gather the hair at the back of your head in a ponytail, tie it tightly with an elastic band to match your hair color. Then wrap your hair in the palm of your hand in a downward motion. Gently release your palm and secure the resulting bundle with another elastic band. Strengthen your hair with hairpins or sprinkle with nail polish. Alternatively, do not curl your hair with your palm, but wrap it around the elastic, securing the end with hairpins. You can tie such a bundle with a bright ribbon, as vamp women did in the cinema of past years.

Step 2

A high and voluminous hairstyle can be done with a fleece. To do this, wash and dry your hair by tilting your head down and blow-drying it to achieve volume. Then take strands from the parietal part of the head and comb them with a blunt comb. To do this, move the comb sharply and often against the growth of the hair, that is, from the ends to the crown. start combing closer to the roots and gradually work your way down. When your hair stands on end, style it into the desired hairstyle. If you want the fleece to last for a long time, use a strong hold varnish while combing the strands. On the temples, you can leave straight strands, highlighting them with wax, or curl them.

Step 3

A tall, shell-shaped hairstyle looks very elegant, usually done by professional dancers. However, it will be difficult to do it yourself; it is better to ask someone. Brush off all your hair to the side to one side, if there are bangs, leave them alone. Then. using invisible pins, attach them in a row in the form of a "dividing strip" on the combed, smooth side of the head. Comb the ends of the hair strongly, working towards the middle. Then, throw all the combed hair back. Tuck them up in the form of a shell and secure with a second layer of invisibility. Fill your hair with varnish, decorate with bobby pins with rhinestones or artificial flowers if you wish.

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