How To Style Yourself

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How To Style Yourself
How To Style Yourself

Video: How To Style Yourself

Video: How To Style Yourself
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Styling can be very diverse: laconic curls, all kinds of braids, the effect of wet hair, just adding volume and many others. It is important that for this it is not always necessary to visit a beauty salon, all this can be done independently, at home.

How to style yourself
How to style yourself


Step 1

To keep your hair smooth and shiny, rinse it with cold water after washing, this will close the hair scales, due to which this effect is achieved. If you have dry ends, then when washing your hair, apply shampoo only to the roots, and immediately treat the ends with a balm. In this case, the roots will have volume and the tips will be less damaged.

Step 2

After washing your hair, do not rush to comb it, as this will only injure them and make them brittle. Dry your head a little with a towel, and only then start brushing.

Step 3

You can create curls of different diameters with the help of curlers of different sizes. So that styling will delight you as long as possible, before winding the curlers, treat them with hair foam, and after removing them, fix the curls with varnish.

Step 4

On long hair, it is convenient to create curls with tongs and curls. However, you should not often resort to such products, they dry the hair a lot and make it brittle.

Step 5

To add volume to your hair, massage a styling foam or spray with a styling fluid into the roots. Then with a brush, twist the strands about eight centimeters wide and dry with a hairdryer, turning the brush around the axis.

Step 6

To achieve the effect of wet hair, you can use a mousse and a hair dryer with a special nozzle - a diffuser. This styling does not take much time and is suitable for almost any hair, except for very long or short hair. Apply mousse to pre-moistened hair, then form a strand into a curled bun and fix with a diffuser, then dry. After finishing the installation, fix it with varnish.

Step 7

An inverted tail looks very nice. To do this, make a tail at any height that suits you, divide it into two parts at the base and twist the tail into the formed middle. The elastic should be chosen to match the hair so that it does not stand out

Step 8

Hair can also be tied into a braid knot. Spray hair with styling product and braid, if necessary, tie at the base with an elastic band. After that, twist the braid with a knot and fix it with pins.

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