How To Twist Hair Into Papillotes

How To Twist Hair Into Papillotes
How To Twist Hair Into Papillotes

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Any hairstyle can be decorated with beautiful curls. They give a woman elegance if you make large curls, or exotic, if you make small waves. There are many different special curls, but not all of them are safe for hair health. The use of a curling iron can lead to thinning and burning of hair. The safest method of obtaining beautiful curls is the use of papillotes.

How to twist hair into papillotes
How to twist hair into papillotes

There are several types of styling with curlers (papillots), which can be purchased at a specialized store or done on your own. The main difference between papillotes is in the material from which they are made. Those made of large-porous foam are more affordable, but they will not hold the shape of the curls, forming angular features, and at the same time they will quickly fail. It is more convenient to use papillotes made of dense foam rubber and covered with rubberized material on top. A wire is inserted inside them, which helps to fix the shape of the curlers. There are also small and large papillotes, the choice must be made based on what result is required.

If you need small curls, you should choose thin papillotes, and large curls are obtained using large-diameter curlers.

Before winding your hair with curlers, you need to wash your hair and dry your hair with a hair dryer. It is more effective to wind papillotes on dry hair, in which case the curls will turn out to be smooth, and if the hair has a dense structure, you should first moisten the strand with water using a spray bottle.

First, you need to divide the hair into small strands by sectors, depending on what kind of curls are required: small or large. Next, take a papillote and, holding it perpendicular to the strand, wind the curlers on it so that the hair remains in the central part of the curler. As soon as the required length is screwed up, gently bend the papillote in the shape of a horseshoe, bending the ends up. Perform this procedure with each lock of hair, starting from the back of the head and gradually ending at the top of the head.

There are two main ways of styling hair on papillotes. A more natural option is the light wave. There is also an evening version that keeps the shape of curled curls for a long time.

The longer the strands of hair, the longer you need to keep them fixed.

For easy styling, roll small curls of hair onto curlers, having moistened them with water in advance. Then you can go to bed (if your hair is curled before bedtime) or just leave the papillotes for a few hours. After the time has elapsed, unfold the papillotes to their original position, and very carefully distribute the strands. Then disassemble the curls with your fingers and fix with a small amount of varnish. After 15 minutes, the curls will acquire the effect of light waves.

In order to get well-defined bouncy curls, you need to use a fixing spray or styling gel. Moisturize your hair a little before winding it up and then apply a fixing gel or spray along with hairspray directly to each strand before winding it onto the papillote. Leave your hair in this position for a few hours. Before unwinding the curlers, you must thoroughly warm them up with a hair dryer. The hair dryer should be set to a medium temperature so as not to dry out the hair.

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