Winter Hair Care

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Winter Hair Care
Winter Hair Care

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In winter, not only the skin of the face and body needs additional care, but also the hair. When exposed to frost, they become weak, dull and brittle. To avoid this, the hair needs additional nourishment. Only then will they retain their appearance, and in the spring it will be possible to take off the hat without hesitation.

Winter hair care
Winter hair care


Step 1

Apply burdock oil to the hair roots. Distribute it evenly over the entire head and rub it into the skin with massage movements. Burdock oil can be with various additives, for example, with red pepper. Additional stimulants for the beauty of hair will not hurt.

Step 2

Apply a special argan oil to the rest of the hair. A few drops will be enough, which should be rubbed in the palms and only then distributed through the hair, paying special attention to the ends.

Step 3

We wrap the hair in a towel and let it stand for at least an hour. Then the hair should be thoroughly rinsed with a moisturizing shampoo. Pay special attention to the scalp to flush out all the oil.

Step 4

Apply a hair mask to the entire length of the hair. It should be moisturizing and preferably contain some kind of oil, preferably argan. The mask must be kept on the head according to the instructions, and then washed off.

Step 5

After the procedure, hair can be dried with a hairdryer, but this should be done with cold air. The hair has received additional nourishment, has become soft and manageable!

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