Caring For Colored Hair At Home

Caring For Colored Hair At Home
Caring For Colored Hair At Home
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Everyone has long known how harmful hair dye is. Even if the staining was done in the salon with professional means. Any paint, even the most expensive, contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. These substances thin the hair, making it lifeless and brittle, with dry ends.

Caring for colored hair at home
Caring for colored hair at home

Healthy and shiny curls always attract attention. Well-groomed hair has been and will be the hallmark of a person. In search of their own style and in order to look perfect, girls and women often dye their hair in different shades. Today they are blondes, and tomorrow they are brunettes.

Hairdressers advise all lovers to change their curls color to paint in salons. The hair dye used by stylists is the best in quality, contains various useful substances (proteins, vitamins and plant extracts). In addition, you should not forget about proper and regular hair care.

Hairdressing experts strongly recommend using hair restoration products and various masks at home. The most effective masks are based on medicinal plants.

Add to the traditional grooming methods the use of products such as curdled milk, chicken eggs, nettle, honey, lemon and brown bread. Masks based on these products are the most nourishing, they strengthen and add shine to the hair.

If the mask is used only once, it will have a temporary effect. Therefore, care should be regular, and sometimes a longer course may be required - up to 1 month.

After the color change, be sure to use shampoos and conditioners for colored hair. They contain particles of coloring pigment to maintain color. Natural oils and vitamin E can be added to the shampoo, which will further delight your hair after dyeing.

Pay particular attention to the wash water. Water is taken soft, filtered or boiled. Many hairdressers advise using cool water for washing and rinsing - it "seals" the hair scales, which prevents the dye from washing out.

Dyed hair is damaged by the dry air of our apartments. It is worth ventilating the apartment regularly, and placing cans of water next to the batteries to increase the air humidity (or use special humidifiers).

"Artificial" blondes should pay attention to the fact that native pigment will be "etched" from their hair, as a result of which the hair will actively absorb all kinds of exhausts and cigarette smoke - this leads to the appearance of a yellow tint. To solve this problem, it is enough to rinse your hair with chamomile broth.

Well, the worst enemy of dyed hair is sunlight. Under the influence of ultraviolet light, artificial pigment is destroyed, since it is unstable and weaker than natural. Reddish shades turn brown when exposed to the sun, and lighter shades turn dirty yellow. And again, you can't do without special products that cover the hair with a protective film.

If you do not want to harm your hair with dyes, but at the same time you need to enhance the brightness of your natural color, turn to natural ingredients with dyes. Chamomile, walnut shells, onion husks and henna will help you with this.

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