How To Make Homemade Moisturizing Hair Masks

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How To Make Homemade Moisturizing Hair Masks
How To Make Homemade Moisturizing Hair Masks
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The lifeless look of your curls indicates that moisturizing hair masks are not included in home care. For those who are not satisfied with how their hair looks, we recommend that you refer to time-tested recipes.

moisturizing hair masks
moisturizing hair masks

Homemade moisturizing masks do not contain hard-to-obtain ingredients and are easy to prepare. If you want to make your locks shiny, docile and smooth, a mask will help you. A moisturizing home hair treatment has its benefits. You use only natural ingredients, so your homemade moisturizing masks will be free of lauryl sulfate, fragrances and preservatives.

General information about hair masks

Such masks do not have to be applied to the scalp, the main thing is to treat the hair. It is better to apply them before you are going to wash your hair, in most cases they contain oils, which can only be washed off with shampoo. More often than others, you need to use such masks for those who have dry hair, but if the hair is prone to oily content, you do not need to constantly moisturize your hair. A homemade mask cannot be stored for a long time, so prepare the mixture before direct application. In order to prevent hair dehydration, make masks every 7-9 days, after active damaging procedures (coloring, permanent), it is allowed to make a mask every 2-3 days.

Moisturizing hair mask recipes

Castor oil, 6% vinegar, glycerin (available at the pharmacy), egg. For 4 parts castor oil, take one part of the remaining ingredients. Stir well, apply to hair. It is better to cover your hair with something warm, to keep the warmth of the fabric, you can blow it with a hairdryer. In this case, you will achieve the maximum effect from this mask.

Sour milk mask. Take any fermented milk product: kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, warm up to body temperature, that is, you should not be cold or hot if you touch the composition for the mask. Spread the hair with a dairy product, wrap with something, after 20 minutes without rinsing, apply a second time. Remove this mask with warm water.

Sea buckthorn mask. 50 grams of sea buckthorn oil should be mixed with 10 grams of olive oil. Spread the mixture of oils through the hair, cover it with a plastic bag, after 50 minutes, rinse with shampoo.

Centenary and onion. If you have aloe growing at home, which is more than 3 years old, you can safely use the beneficial properties of this plant for the benefit of your hair. To do this, pick off the aloe leaves, wrap them in a napkin and put them in the refrigerator, after a couple of days they will dry up and be ready for use. To prepare the mask, you need to mix the same amount of onion juice and aloe. Onion juice is conveniently obtained by rubbing on a fine grater and then squeezing, aloe juice is obtained by cutting off small pieces from the leaves, the juice will drip from the place of the cut. Lubricate hair with the resulting liquid and leave for an hour

… Yeast mask with onions. You will need live yeast, which is sold in briquettes. They tolerate freezing well, so keep unused portions in the freezer. Fill five grams of yeast with a small amount of warm water, after 10 minutes add a teaspoon of burdock and castor oil each, dilute the resulting mixture with the juice of two onions. We keep the mask on the wrapped head for 45 minutes. Then, to remove the onion odor, rinse your hair with warm water and lemon juice. If this does not help, rinse with apple cider vinegar (1-2 tablespoons per 5 liters of water) or with essential oil (1-2 drops per 5 liters).

If the use of a homemade moisturizing hair mask did not give the desired effect, please note that the reasons for this may be insufficient water intake, constant use of the maximum temperature setting on the hairdryer, permanent curling or straightening of the hair.Unfavorable environmental conditions (ultraviolet light, low temperatures, salt water) can also negate all your efforts to moisturize your hair.

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