Mesotherapy - Hair Rescue Or Loss?

Mesotherapy - Hair Rescue Or Loss?
Mesotherapy - Hair Rescue Or Loss?
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Everyone wants to have a big head of healthy hair. But over time, the hair begins to fade, break, fall out. Or maybe they never could boast of luxurious hair at all. What can be done so that the hair gains health and begins to please with its appearance?

Mesotherapy - Salvation or Hair Loss?
Mesotherapy - Salvation or Hair Loss?

Scientists and cosmetologists offer mesotherapy as one of the solutions to this problem. First you need to figure out what it is and how it works, and only then decide whether you need it or not.

Mesotherapy is allopathic, which includes a whole cocktail of vitamins, lipolytics and other components that can be not only natural, but also developed in the laboratory by scientists. Homeopathic mesotherapy is also distinguished, but it is used less often due to the fact that the so-called cocktail is less concentrated and aimed at restoring the normal functioning of the whole organism.

Who needs mesotherapy

The indications for this procedure are:

1. If you start to go gray too early.

2. If your hair falls out in patches.

3. After childbirth and breastfeeding in women, the hair structure is disturbed.

4. After dyeing, which also damages the hair structure.

5. If you just want to improve the appearance of your hair and make it healthier.

The procedure is the introduction of a special composition under the scalp, which penetrates into the hair follicles, due to this, the desired effect is achieved.

Pros and cons

The pluses include the fact that nutrients are delivered directly to the problem area; the result can be seen in a month; the effect of the procedure lasts about a year.

The disadvantages include high cost; not a very pleasant procedure, and for those with a low pain threshold, the procedure can be painful; the procedure is not suitable for everyone, as there are contraindications; side effects may occur.

The most common and frightening side effect is a multifocal abscess that develops into subcutaneous adipose tissue necrosis.


Contraindications include diabetes mellitus; age under 14 or after 65 years; oncological diseases; during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or menstruation; also, if you have a scalp disease, you will be denied this procedure.

Before deciding on this procedure, you need to weigh all the pros and carefully study the cons and side effects. Otherwise, instead of a beautiful mane, you can get a completely bald scalp with scars.

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