Lighten The Hair. Lemon Mask

Lighten The Hair. Lemon Mask
Lighten The Hair. Lemon Mask
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In an effort to preserve the beauty and health of hair, more and more girls prefer to use safe folk remedies when caring for them. For example, lemon masks are made to lighten hair.

Lighten the hair. Lemon mask
Lighten the hair. Lemon mask

Lemon juice is distinguished by a high concentration of organic acids, therefore, in its pure form, it can cause severe harm to the hair and scalp: it will deprive the hair of precious moisture, significantly worsening their condition, and will also cause thermal burns to the scalp.

It is for this reason that lemon juice diluted with water or herbal decoction is used to lighten hair (ratio 3: 1). The hair is covered with this composition and the hair is allowed to dry naturally (to enhance the effect, it is recommended to stay in direct sunlight at this time). Then the brightening composition is washed off with cool water and the hair is covered with a moisturizing balm.

Lightening procedures are contraindicated if there are non-healing wounds or other injuries on the scalp.

A lemon mask made from the following ingredients will help to give your hair a beautiful shine and make it 1-2 tones lighter:

- juice from half a lemon;

- water;

- 2 tbsp. castor or olive oil;

- 1, 5 tbsp. inflorescences of pharmaceutical chamomile.

Chamomile flowers are poured with a glass of boiling water and the composition is placed on a slow fire for 5-7 minutes, after which the broth is filtered and cooled to a comfortable temperature. Lemon juice is diluted with cold water (ratio 1: 3), after which oil and chilled broth are added. Due to the presence of oil, the cosmetic mixture acts very softly and does not dry out the scalp. The chamomile broth present in the composition enhances the brightening effect. The lemon mixture is applied to dry hair and this brightening mask is kept for 1, 5-2 hours, then washed off with warm water and a mild shampoo.

After lightening your hair with a lemon mask, it is better to stop using a hair dryer and an iron for a while, as this will add additional stress to your hair and negatively affect its condition.

A lemon mask prepared according to a recipe will help to lighten hair and at the same time strengthen it, for which you need to take:

- 2 tsp lemon juice;

- 2 egg yolks;

- 2 tsp honey.

Beat the yolks until a gentle foam is formed and combine with honey and lemon juice, after which the components are thoroughly mixed and the mixture is whipped. The finished mask is applied to dry (unwashed) hair, a plastic bag and a woolen hat are put on top of the head. After 40-45 minutes, the clarifying composition is washed off with warm water.

You should not get carried away with such procedures. The recommended frequency is once a week. In this case, the brightening course can last 5-6 procedures, after which it is necessary to take a month break.

In addition, a cosmetic product consisting of the following components can be used to lighten hair:

- vodka;

- lemon juice.

The components are mixed (taken in equal parts) and the mixture is applied to dry strands. With such a mask, they go out into the street (you don't need to cover your head): under the influence of ultraviolet rays, the brightening effect of lemon paint is enhanced. After 20-25 minutes, the hair is washed with cool water using a moisturizing balm.

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