Home Hair Restoration Masks

Home Hair Restoration Masks
Home Hair Restoration Masks
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There are hundreds of masks for hair restoration, but several times less effective. Choosing your own mask is a matter of trial and error. It's time to resort to natural remedies.

Home hair restoration masks
Home hair restoration masks

"Beauty requires sacrifice" is a phrase that all the girls in the world know, and which they use very often. In the weather for fashion or if they want to change something in their lives, most girls begin to change their hairstyles: they dye their hair, try to change their texture, make different haircuts.

Everyone knows that any effect on the hair of chemistry or hot air is very bad for the condition of the hair. But very rarely anyone is stopped by this fact. That is why, after all the executions with their own hair, the girls are looking for how and how to quickly restore damaged hair, which breaks along its entire length and resembles a washcloth.

For hair restoration, oil masks are ideal, which not only visually improve the appearance, but penetrate inside, nourish the hair and restore it. Below are the recipes for the most effective oil masks, the regular use of which will lead to the long-awaited result.

1. Sea buckthorn oil mask for thinning, dry and split ends.

This recipe is extremely simple, but if you do this mask twice a week for four weeks, the effect will become more noticeable. For her, you need to mix a couple of tablespoons of sea buckthorn oil, a dessert spoon of onion juice and honey, yolk (optional) and just a couple of drops of vitamin "A". The mask must be thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair without rubbing into the roots. Keep it on for about an hour and rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo and dry it naturally.

2. A mask that perfectly stimulates hair growth and thickening of the texture, due to which the hair will look denser and thicker.

She will need burdock oil (a tablespoon) and the same portion of liquid honey. Also, the yolk must be added to the mixture of butter and honey. Stir thoroughly and apply the mixture to the hair starting from the very roots, massage in this area with fingertips. Next, you need to go down to the rest of the hair length and especially focus on the ends of the hair. It is useful to hold such an oil mask on the hair under a warm towel for three to four hours, then rinse it off especially thoroughly with shampoo. Burdock oil is very difficult to wash off, so you will have to spend a larger portion of shampoo than usual.

If you do each of the masks for a month, then the results will not take long. Hair will look healthy and lively, shine, break less and grow faster.

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