Proper Care For Problem And Oily Skin

Proper Care For Problem And Oily Skin
Proper Care For Problem And Oily Skin

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Beautiful and clear skin is always the result of conscientious daily care. Stop dreaming of skin without oily sheen and acne! It's time to learn how to properly manage problem skin.

Problem and oily skin care
Problem and oily skin care

1) We wash and clean the skin correctly

Any skin care begins by all means with its cleansing. For problem skin, a soft bio-gel face wash is best suited. Such a tool will gently cleanse the skin of excess fat, slow down the production of sebum, and also give the face a matte finish.

After washing your face, it will be useful to wipe your face with a tonic. The toner (or lotion) will cleanse the skin of impurities that have eaten deeper into the pores. It would be ideal to choose a tonic and a cleanser from the same series. Thus, we will increase the effect of their action.

2) Additional cleansing with peeling

Peeling for oily skin will be very useful, it will remove old impurities in the pores. Such a procedure is carried out after an evening wash, before going to bed (so that the skin can “calm down” and rest). It is better to clean your face with peeling no more than 3 times a week. It is best to rinse off the peeling face scrub with warm water.

3) Masks for problem skin

Of course, for greater efficiency, it is recommended to do special masks several times a week. These can be masks made of white, gray or blue clay. They will dry the skin, heal the resulting inflammation and remove the oily sheen. Clay masks are washed off with warm water. The number of such masks is 1-2 per week. After removing the clay mask, it is important to lubricate the skin with a nourishing cream so that it does not dry out in the future.

But it is worth remembering that oily skin also needs nourishment. Therefore, once a week, it is useful to make a mask of heavy cream (you can add a little lemon juice to the cream, which will refresh and brighten the complexion).

Moisturizing problem skin is also important. Moisturizing is best done after exfoliation. Honey (1 tablespoon) and oatmeal (about 2 tablespoons) are perfect for moisturizing. Mix the ingredients and apply evenly on the face, after 15–20 minutes of the procedure, wash off with warm water.

4) Diet

For beautiful skin, nutrition must be complete. It is necessary to exclude smoked meats, spicy and fried foods. It is best to eat steamed or boiled foods. It is important to have raw greens, vegetables and fruits in your diet and drink a sufficient amount of mineral water (preferably without gas).

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