How To Stop Eyelash Loss

How To Stop Eyelash Loss
How To Stop Eyelash Loss

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Waking up without eyelashes is perhaps one of the worst dreams of any girl. After all, each of us dreams that they are long and thick; for this purpose, modern cosmetic lines offer many means. But what if the natural renewal of eyelashes turns into shedding? This is already called the loss of eyelashes, and the reasons must be found quickly, otherwise the dream will come true.

Eyelash loss
Eyelash loss

If this unpleasant phenomenon touches you, first of all pay attention to your mascara. According to experts, an allergic reaction to cosmetics is the main cause of eyelash loss. Try to remember when the first signs appeared, perhaps it was the new mascara or shadow that triggered the loss of eyelashes.

Today, there are a lot of high-quality cosmetics on the shelves, but there are even more fakes and copies, and some girls even buy products in so-called stores of the same price, thereby risking losing their eyelashes immediately and forever. Remember, cheap cosmetics from unknown Chinese "brands" can be dangerous to your health and beauty. And buy well-known brands only in specialized stores, in no case in transitions or on the market.

If you often forget to wash off your makeup before bed, don't be surprised at the loss of your eyelashes. The fact is that mascara, especially stable, contains special substances that simply block the normal operation of the eyelashes, as a result, they die off and fall off.

Such a procedure, beloved by fashionable beauties, as eyelash extension can lead to their loss. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to give rest to the eyes, the constant wearing of artificial eyelashes will not lead to good. Also cheap glue and other aids play a role. Conclusion: contact only reputable beauty salons that value their reputation.

There are other reasons that cause eyelash loss. These are some skin diseases of the eyes - blepharitis, demodicosis, alopecia and others. Here, of course, you cannot do without the help of a doctor and you should not hesitate to visit. After a complete examination, he will either rule out the presence of the disease, or prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The result of reduced immunity, malnutrition and a lack of vitamins (especially of group B) in the body can lead to loss of eyelashes. Moreover, these factors can affect the condition of the skin and hair.

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