How To Use Acne Cream

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How To Use Acne Cream
How To Use Acne Cream

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Acne cream helps to solve problems associated with excess sebum secretion and the appearance of inflammatory elements. In order for the application of the cream to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to use it correctly.

How to use acne cream
How to use acne cream


Acne cream, makeup remover, lotion, cotton pads


Step 1

If you have problem skin, acne cream will help you to improve its condition. Before buying cosmetics, use the advice of a competent consultant. If you have the opportunity, visit a beautician. A specialist will help you select creams and lotions according to your individual needs.

Step 2

Remember to apply the cream only to cleansed skin. Wash your face with water and a special cleanser, then rub your skin with lotion or toner. Choose skin care products from the same cosmetic series. Correctly selected funds will only enhance each other's action. It is especially important that the skin cleansing product and toner are from the same manufacturer.

Step 3

After preparing your skin, immediately apply an acne cream to it. Read the instructions for use carefully. If you have oily problem skin, spread the product all over your face. After the cream has absorbed a little, you can use foundation or powder.

Step 4

In order for the product to be as effective as possible, apply it on the skin with a thick layer for 5-10 minutes no more than once a week. After this time, remove the product from the face with a paper towel. You can also purchase a special mask for problem skin.

Step 5

If you have dry, sensitive skin with frequent acne, apply the cream only to problem areas. Spreading the product all over the face can cause allergies. If, after applying the cream, you feel itching and see redness of the skin, its peeling, immediately remove the remains of the cosmetic product with a napkin, wash and, if necessary, contact a beautician.

Step 6

Apply highly active acne creams to your face. This means that the product can only be applied in a thick layer to inflammatory elements. Use a cotton swab for this. Use this cream no more than 2-3 times a week.

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