How To Do A Pedicure During Pregnancy

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How To Do A Pedicure During Pregnancy
How To Do A Pedicure During Pregnancy

Video: How To Do A Pedicure During Pregnancy

Video: How To Do A Pedicure During Pregnancy
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Pregnancy makes a woman beautiful. But this beauty comes from within and manifests itself in the look, in smooth and calm movements, in a smile. In order for everything to be harmonious during this period of life, one should not forget about the appearance. Be sure to take care of yourself. And the legs are also no exception, but rather the opposite. They are subject to additional stress and should look and feel beautiful and healthy. And, therefore, a pedicure is simply necessary.

How to do a pedicure during pregnancy
How to do a pedicure during pregnancy


Step 1

While the baby is in the tummy, the legs of the future mother work for two. The weight is constantly growing and the load, respectively, too. Swelling, vein problems, and cramps may appear. The doctor should take care of this. But in order to prevent the appearance of calluses, cracks on the heels and ingrown nails, the expectant mother should worry herself. Therefore, a good salon pedicure should be done regularly.

Step 2

You may need to do your pedicure more often than usual. Under the influence of altered hormonal levels and high loads, the composition of nails and skin often changes. Sometimes corns and calluses appear, and the nails acquire a tendency to grow in. When doing a pedicure, you should not bring the heels to a glossy shine. Let the quality of the procedure performed slightly suffer, and once again have to visit the salon, but the heels will not suffer from terrible cracks.

Step 3

Before starting the procedure, make sure that the instruments are properly sterilized. After all, not only the health of the future mother depends on this, but also the one who sits in the tummy. You should also make sure that the water in the bath is not hot, but a little lukewarm. This is a prerequisite. Otherwise, you can provoke unpleasant consequences in the form of edema, increased pressure and the threat of miscarriage. It doesn't have to happen at all, but it's better to play it safe.

Step 4

It is better to book a pedicure for the first half of the day. At this time, there is less fatigue and more desire to take care of yourself. And if you are worried about edema, then in the morning they usually do not happen. It is advisable that the entire beauty treatment process takes place in a well-ventilated area. Breathing in the aromas of acetone and varnishes is not the best thing for a potential mom. It is good if the foot care products are of high quality and plant-based.

Step 5

Between trips to the salon, you can take some care of the legs at home. It will not hurt them if you periodically clean your heels with a pumice stone, apply nourishing masks and creams to your feet and nails. If it is problematic to reach your feet, you can ask your future dad or someone close to you. Let them work for the benefit of the unborn baby. He will then thank them for taking care of his beloved mother.

Step 6

If the expectant mother watches and takes care of herself, then she will not only look good, but also feel beautiful and attractive. The unborn child will definitely feel this and will be born calm and satisfied.