How To Do Hair Shielding At Home

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How To Do Hair Shielding At Home
How To Do Hair Shielding At Home

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The modern beauty industry does not stand still, it moves in step with the times, trying to meet all the most extravagant whims and needs of women. A few years ago, it was fashionable to extend nails, hair, eyelashes using artificial materials. Now the emphasis is on everything natural, especially in terms of improving the quality of hair.

How to do hair shielding at home
How to do hair shielding at home

Hair is the pride of many ladies. With the help of original hairstyles, unique images are created, emphasis is placed on the merits - a high long neck, beautiful cheekbones, neat ears. But if the hair structure is damaged by numerous dyes, curls, then no form of hairstyle can create the desired effect. Companies working in the beauty and cosmetology industry, in their beauty salons, along with cutting, dyeing and highlighting, offer services such as lamination and hair shielding.

What is the difference between shielding and the already familiar hair lamination

Shielding is a procedure that has recently entered the price list of beauty salons, but has already managed to interest many women who care about the beauty and health of their hair. During this procedure, the hair shaft is covered with a transparent film, which not only helps to increase the volume, but also protects the hair from the external environment, strengthens and restores it from the inside.

The effect of lamination is aimed only at improving the appearance of the hair, but healing and restoration of the structure does not occur or occurs to a lesser extent than with shielding. And yet, for some time after this procedure, the hair looks well-groomed, healthy, shiny and voluminous.

And if lamination can be done at home using simple gelatin, then with the screening procedure, everything is much more complicated. But you can still make it at home.

How to do hair shielding yourself

Shielding hair can be done at home using special kits, which are offered in a wide range by almost all manufacturers of professional hair cosmetics.

Such products usually consist of several components - this is the shielding preparation itself, a fixing agent, professional shampoo, balm, mask, gloves and instructions for using the product. You should pay special attention to the fact that you need to strictly adhere to the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer.

Before proceeding directly to the screening procedure itself at home, you need to prepare your hair - cut the split ends, rinse your hair thoroughly, apply a mask or balm on them, depending on what the manufacturer of the product offers, wash it again and dry it slightly. And only after all these manipulations, a screening agent is applied to wet hair, while strictly observing the time of action of the drug and in no case overexposing in the hope of enhancing the effect. After the specified time has elapsed, the hair is washed again several times, a fixing agent is applied, dried and styled with a hairdryer. Of course, the protective film is washed off over time, so to maintain a permanent effect, the procedure must be repeated at least once every 3-4 weeks.

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