Homemade Cane Sugar Scrub

Homemade Cane Sugar Scrub
Homemade Cane Sugar Scrub

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What better way to cleanse your skin than a scrub? Only a hand-made scrub from the healthiest and most natural ingredients.

Homemade cane sugar scrub
Homemade cane sugar scrub

Thanks to the scrub, you can quickly and gently cleanse the skin. Depending on the components of the scrub, the keratinized skin particles are chemically and physically removed. The chemical constituent is creams or gels, the physical constituent is solid particles.

Natural ingredients are mainly used as abrasive particles - seeds, coffee beans, sand, sea salt, sugar. As a rule, these ingredients are suitable for any skin, while chemical ingredients can provoke an allergic reaction. To avoid this, it is not necessary to refuse to use the scrub as a cosmetic for body care, it is enough to make it yourself at home. The simplest yet most effective ingredient for a homemade scrub is sugar. The choice is best made in favor of cane sugar.

The scrub recipe is very simple.

For a sugar scrub, you need the following ingredients:

• cane sugar - 425 grams;

• olive oil - 125 ml;

• honey - 60 ml;

• vanilla - a teaspoon

In addition, you will need: a large mixing bowl, a wooden spoon and an airtight jar with a volume of at least 500 ml.

The ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a cup. The scrub is based on olive oil, honey is a binder with softening properties, and vanilla is a natural flavor. Add a pinch of cinnamon to the vanilla if desired.

The finished scrub must be transferred from a bowl to an airtight jar and tightly closed. Since the scrub is natural, its shelf life does not exceed one month. If you are not sure if you can use it during this time, the amount of ingredients can be cut in half.

A useful, fragrant and beautiful scrub ready to make the skin beautiful, well-groomed and supple.

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