How To Stop Growing Body Hair

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How To Stop Growing Body Hair
How To Stop Growing Body Hair

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Many women are forced to regularly remove unwanted body hair. The procedure takes time and is sometimes accompanied by discomfort. But the growth of body hair can be stopped with the help of the achievements of modern cosmetology.

How to stop growing body hair
How to stop growing body hair


lotion that slows down hair growth


Step 1

Apply a hair growth retarding lotion to your body. Substances in its composition have a detrimental effect on the hair follicle. After regular use, the hair will initially become thinner, lighter and thinner, and eventually will stop growing altogether.

Step 2

If you don't want to wait, then go to a beauty salon for epilation. There are different types of it: electro-, photo-, laser, Elos hair removal. They differ from each other in the mechanism of destruction of the hair follicle, indications, efficiency and price.

Step 3

Electrolysis allows you to destroy hair follicles with a high frequency current. With the help of special thinnest needles, the current will be supplied to each onion. The procedure is quite painful, therefore, it is performed under local anesthesia. After electrolysis, small scars from burns may remain on the skin. The procedure will most likely have to be repeated several more times to completely get rid of body hair.

Step 4

Photo and laser hair removal destroys hair follicles with infrared and laser radiation. The length of the hair to be removed must be at least 1 mm. The procedure is completely painless and allows you to remove hair of any color and thickness. After it, the hairs fall out on their own within a few days. 1-2 weeks after photo or laser hair removal, protect your body from direct sunlight in order not to get burned.

Step 5

Elos hair removal refers to the combined methods of hair removal. First, the beautician will apply a gel containing enzymes to your body. Then, those areas of the body on which the gel is applied will be irradiated with infrared radiation. Under the influence of light and heat, the enzymes of the gel are activated and destroy the hair follicles. The gel is then wiped off the skin and the loose hairs are removed with wax. The procedure is also painless, its effect is longer than that of other types of hair removal. The only drawback is the high cost.

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