Should A Man Shave His Armpits

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Should A Man Shave His Armpits
Should A Man Shave His Armpits

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In the unisex era, men adopted many women's habits - manicure, the use of white cosmetics, a variety of cosmetic procedures. But the question is still open, does a man need to shave his armpits? Someone has been doing this for a long time, someone considers this to be shameful, not worthy of manhood.

Should a man shave his armpits
Should a man shave his armpits


Step 1

The question why a man should shave his armpits is best answered by women. The beautiful half of humanity likes it when a well-groomed, tidy guy is next to them. The lack of underarm vegetation is aesthetically pleasing. On the beach, a man's body will be a beautiful sculpture, and not a reason for whispering behind his back.

Step 2

Based on the concepts of basic hygiene, you can answer for yourself whether a man needs to shave his armpits. In winter, hair in this area may not cause much discomfort. But in the heat, when sweat is still flowing from the armpits, there is a desire to take the machine and get it over with. In addition, increased sweating spoils the appearance of things - colored fabrics fade, whites turn yellow. This kind of picture instantly distorts the overall impression of the Nice Guy.

Step 3

Why would a man shave his armpits if he doesn't wear open T-shirts and uses an antiperspirant? And at least for reasons of economy. Shaved underarms require much less deodorant than hairy ones. Of course, those who are so dear to the vegetation in this area should not just buy a new tube of antiperspirant. But it is worth thinking about the surrounding girls. Being next to a profusely sweating "furry" man is not the most pleasant pastime.

Step 4

A logical question arises - how can a man shave his armpits, if his vegetation in this place is higher than normal? Those who have never done this will need detailed instructions. The first step is to take a shower, thoroughly rinsing off any deodorant residue and sweat.

Step 5

Then you need to raise one hand, putting the bent elbow behind your head - this position will allow you to see your armpit. However, beginners can shave in front of a mirror.

Step 6

Now you need to soften your hair and protect your skin from cuts. This is where regular shaving foam with a cooling effect comes in handy.

Step 7

For shaving the armpits, it is better to use a woman's razor. It is equipped with slippery moisturizing pads that significantly reduce the risk of skin damage. Shaving is carried out first according to hair growth, i.e. up, and then against - down.

Step 8

You don't have to shave your armpits regularly. You can do this only in the summer or as needed. Unlike women, men are allowed a little "stubble" in this area. In addition, men who are not distinguished by increased hairiness can generally do without this procedure. After all, many women like the light fluff on the body of their beloved, which they associate with masculinity.

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