How To Slow Down The Growth Of Body Hair

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How To Slow Down The Growth Of Body Hair
How To Slow Down The Growth Of Body Hair

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Depending on the method of depilation or epilation, the hair after removal begins to grow again after a day or a week. In fact, special methods can be used to delay hair removal.

How to slow down the growth of body hair
How to slow down the growth of body hair

You can get rid of excess hairs on the body with the help of home remedies and simple secrets of women from around the world. To do this, choose an affordable recipe for yourself and go to the store for the necessary ingredients. Also, remember to use scrubs to avoid ingrown hairs.

Grape juice against unwanted hair

White grape juice is a good helper for slowing hair growth. The grapes must be cut in half. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to lubricate all areas with freshly squeezed grape juice during depilation. You need to carry out this procedure daily.

French remedy

French girls have their own secret that helps them slow down the growth of body hair. After each epilation, they wipe the skin with a lemon wedge. If you repeat this rubbing regularly, hairs will begin to appear at least a week later.

Mint tea for annoying hairs

Peppermint tea can help solve the problem of intense body hair growth. To prepare, pour 2-3 teaspoons of dried mint leaves with 250 ml of hot water. With the resulting solution, wipe the skin twice a day.

Alcoholic lotion

You can get rid of annoying hair with a more aggressive product. To make the lotion you will need:

• 1 tsp. ammonia;

• 1 tsp. castor oil;

• 1 tbsp. vodka or ethyl alcohol;

• 4-6 drops of iodine.

Mix all the ingredients in a glass container and rub the lotion on all areas to be epilated. After use, do not forget to close the bottle of lotion with the lid, otherwise the next day there will be not a drop of it. It is necessary to carry out such a procedure several times a day.

Indian secret

To lengthen the time between epilation, Indian women use turmeric. Pour a few tablespoons of turmeric into a ceramic dish and cover with water. Stir the mixture until smooth. The resulting gruel should be rubbed into the skin immediately after the hair removal procedure. The composition must be wrapped with cling film and held for several minutes. Then rinse with water and do not hesitate that annoying hairs will not bother you longer.

Nettle oil

Nettle oil will not only help to keep the skin smooth for a long time, but also cause the loss of existing hairs. To prepare the oil you will need:

• 2-3 tbsp. nettle seed;

• half a glass of sunflower oil.

Combine oil and nettle seeds in a small container and leave to infuse for 2 weeks. At the end of this period, begin to lubricate all areas of unwanted hair growth with this mixture.

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