Secrets Of Well-groomed Legs

Secrets Of Well-groomed Legs
Secrets Of Well-groomed Legs

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A few simple rules will help to make the dream of beautiful legs come true.

Secrets of well-groomed legs
Secrets of well-groomed legs

Every day:

1. Shower

- Remember that too hot water dries out the skin and provokes the appearance of vascular networks. At the end of the procedure, douse your feet with cold water.

2. Moisturizing

- Pay special attention to the shins and knees - these are usually the driest skin. Massage the cream into your thighs to help prevent cellulite.

3. Exercises

- Trained legs always look great, regardless of shape.

Three times per week:

1. Massage with a brush

- Before showering, massage your feet upward with a soft body brush. This treatment improves blood circulation and helps to reduce cellulite.

2. Artificial tan

- Golden legs look longer and slimmer than pale ones.

3. Depilation

- Smooth, without a single hair, legs look slimmer than overgrown. Therefore, watch out for the smoothness of the legs.

Once a week:

1. Exfoliation

- Deep exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells. Massage the body scrub from your ankles to your thighs. Use a moisturizer after exfoliating.

2. Massage

- Massage your feet over the entire surface to stimulate the lymphatic system and thus promote the elimination of toxins. This will also help prevent or combat cellulite. After the end of the procedure, raise your legs and lie down for 20 minutes, completely relaxing.

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