Selection Of Tights. Colour

Selection Of Tights. Colour
Selection Of Tights. Colour

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An improperly selected range of colors will ruin the look of a girl, even if she is dressed in the most expensive clothes, and highlight flaws. While vibrant colors love to experiment, it's important to stick to general guidelines.

Selection of tights. Colour
Selection of tights. Colour

Let's divide each shade into two categories.

1. Black. Clothing: suitable for small black dresses, dark skirts. For a romantic or sexy look, 5 - 10 den, and for a stylish one, 70 - 100 den. It is categorically impossible to wear with a light one. This is ugly, visually cuts the body into several parts, which is unacceptable for short people. Shoes: only dark or, if colored, heavy texture.

2. Flesh (beige). Clothing: tone on tone, light, beige, brown and dark. The density should not exceed 40 den. The shade is not lighter than the skin, it is better a little darker, matte texture. Shoes: elegant, graceful, brown or colored in a delicate tone.

3. Brown. Clothes: the best combination with bedding colors of clothes (cream, beige, white). Thin tights of vanilla and coffee shades are suitable for a black dress or skirt. Shoes: in bright colors or tone-on-tone will be an elegant addition to the look.

4. Gray. Clothing: all varieties of bed shades, for example: pale pink, lilac, beige, cream. A universal color for combining contrasts (orange with purple). Shoes: dark green, brown, gray and purple.

Colored tights deserve special attention. It is important to remember that this type of product is contraindicated for an elegant age. But for the rest, the endless number of combinations and options provides an opportunity for flights of fantasy.



1) go well with monochromatic tones (gray, black, brown);

2) it is possible to emphasize the length of the legs or visually lengthen with flowers of the same shade with the clothes;

3) selected accessories in the color of hosiery will create a stylish look;

4) in the color of a less noticeable ornament of a skirt, sweater, dress;

5) combine with the tone of the jersey (blouse, jacket, turtleneck).


1) should be in the tone of tights or rough texture, if the girl is short;

2) contrasting combination of shades;

3) ornament of hosiery of a single color.

These are just general rules for choosing tights. Every year there are new trends in fashion and more and more extravagant combinations of the palette of colors. When creating your own style, do not be afraid to experiment.

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