How To Sew A Skirt With Pockets

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How To Sew A Skirt With Pockets
How To Sew A Skirt With Pockets

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Cutting and sewing a skirt with pockets requires initial knowledge of sewing, as it is necessary to obtain a high-quality skirt. The sewing complexity depends on the chosen style of the skirt with pockets.

How to sew a skirt with pockets
How to sew a skirt with pockets


fabric, scissors, thread, sewing machine, needle


Step 1

To begin with, you need to choose the most suitable style of a skirt with pockets, in accordance with this, the fabric and additional accessories in the form of accessories (buttons, zippers, buttons, etc.) are selected. The amount of material purchased depends on the size of the woman for whom the skirt is intended. At the first stage, it is necessary to measure the required parameters (waist, hips, product length). The length and width of the fabric is acquired taking into account the seam allowances.

Step 2

Next, the skirt is cut directly according to the selected style. All marks are applied to the wrong side of the fabric to avoid damage to the fabric from the front side. It is much easier to transfer the ready-made pattern of the skirt parts to the fabric, therefore, ready-made samples should be selected for beginners, which eliminates the possibility of errors and inaccuracies. It is advisable to use chalk, a fabric marker, or a pointed bar of soap to draw lines on the fabric. This will allow you to easily remove all marks after washing.

Step 3

As a rule, after cutting all the elements of the skirt (front part, back part, belt or hem, pockets), the process of basting into a single product begins. It is advisable to pre-outline all the elements and carry out the first fitting, which will allow to eliminate all the shortcomings and errors of the cut in time.

Step 4

After establishing all the allowances and defects, the parts are stitched on the sewing machine. All edges and sides of seams must be overcast to eliminate the possibility of fraying fabric (especially silk and frayed fabrics). Patch pockets are processed separately, after which they are swept and attached to the finished product. This option is the easiest for beginners. Slit pockets require a slit in the skirt and an inner pocket to be attached.

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