How To Apply Self-tanning

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How To Apply Self-tanning
How To Apply Self-tanning

Video: How To Apply Self-tanning

Video: How To Apply Self-tanning
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Tanned skin always looks attractive and impressive. If you apply self-tanning according to all the rules, you can achieve the effect of an even and natural tan. Mottled and unevenly colored skin will grab the attention of those around you, but is unlikely to produce the impression you intended to achieve.

How to apply self-tanning
How to apply self-tanning


Step 1

Choose the right product. When choosing a self-tanner, take into account the natural skin tone, the place of application and the purpose of application - the type and type of product depends on this. The choice of the type of product depends on the type of facial skin - gels are ideal for oily and problem skin, a cream with moisturizing ingredients is suitable for dry skin. Cream and mousse take longer to apply, and sprays are more convenient.

Step 2

Cleanse your skin. Take a bath or shower before using your self-tanner. During the procedure, treat the skin with a gentle exfoliation or scrub, removing dead particles and preparing it for application. You will also get rid of tanning residues from the previous application.

Step 3

Apply self-tanner. Start applying the product to completely dry skin - from the bottom up. Start on your feet and try to apply the self-tanner evenly the first time to avoid discolored stains. Spread the product on your palms and run your hands several times over the surface of the body to be treated. Your movements should be similar to massage movements - light and sliding.

Step 4

Pay attention to your back - it is unlikely that you will be able to apply self-tanning evenly on your back. Therefore, enlist someone's help in advance. Spread lightly on dry areas of the body.

Step 5

You can apply self-tanning with a soft sponge - this will distribute the product more evenly, but this requires some skill (use a damp sponge). You can buy a special spray bottle, but it is better to apply it on your face with your hands.

Step 6

Remove excess funds. Gently rub the cleansing lotion on your elbows, knees, nails and palms. Blend the self-tanner along your hairline and over your eyebrows.

Step 7

Repeat the procedure if necessary. Some products are applied in two layers, so repeat the application a couple of hours after the first procedure.