How Not To Burn Out In A Solarium

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How Not To Burn Out In A Solarium
How Not To Burn Out In A Solarium

Video: How Not To Burn Out In A Solarium

Video: How Not To Burn Out In A Solarium
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The solarium provides an excellent opportunity to acquire a bronze skin tone at any time of the year. But for all its attractiveness, tanning in a solarium is just as dangerous as that obtained in the sun. It is not difficult to prevent possible burns, you just need to follow certain rules.

How not to burn out in a solarium
How not to burn out in a solarium


Tanning cosmetics in a solarium


Step 1

Consult with the salon staff in which you are going to sunbathe. They will be able to tell you how to sunbathe correctly and without risk to the skin.

Step 2

Do not try to tan over several sessions by increasing the duration. Melanin, due to which the skin acquires a golden hue, should be produced gradually, while with excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, only burns are obtained.

Step 3

When planning to get a tan by a certain date, start visiting the tanning salon no later than three weeks before the event. It is this period of time that is optimal for the skin to tan without burns.

Step 4

In order not to burn out in a tanning bed, determine your skin type. If it is light, then the duration of the procedures should be as short as possible and not exceed 5 minutes during the first week. The duration of tanning gradually increases, reaching 8–12 minutes, depending on the type of tanning bed.

Step 5

Do not sunbathe daily, this will not speed up the process. In order to prevent burns in the solarium, you need to visit it every other day.

Step 6

To help skin stressed by UV exposure, apply a moisturizer after sunburn.

Step 7

If discomfort is felt after the procedure, then it is best to postpone the next one for a couple of days.

Step 8

Remember that tanning beds are dangerous not only for the skin, but also for the hair. To prevent them from becoming dry and brittle, cover them with a hat or scarf.