How To Iron Arrows

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How To Iron Arrows
How To Iron Arrows

Video: How To Iron Arrows

Video: How To Iron Arrows
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Often women are faced with a problem: how to iron trousers correctly. It would seem that there is nothing complicated, but the result of quality work is clear arrows on the legs. It has been proven in practice that no one can cope with this better than a man. However, there are a few things to consider.

How to iron arrows
How to iron arrows


Step 1

Prepare an ironing board, iron, set the optimum temperature on it; put on good music and start the process. Do everything in a good mood.

Step 2

Check the inside seams. Press down with an iron if necessary. Otherwise, with jammed seams, you will not be able to iron the pants properly.

Step 3

Take the bottom of the trousers and fold the leg so that the crotch and side seams (longitudinal) match each other along the entire length from the bottom to the knee.

Step 4

Lubricate the points where the arrows will be with dry soap so that they stay better and longer. Soap can leave streaks, so the trousers can be moistened with beer. For the same purpose, wet the gauze or rag through which you will iron in vinegar or soapy water.

Step 5

Pull the upper leg back. Press the inside of it through wet gauze, rag or newspaper to keep the pants from shining. Smooth out the back arrow first and then the front arrow.

Step 6

Turn the pants over so that the ironed leg is on top. Iron it on the outside and slide it back. We also smooth out the back, and then the front arrow.

Step 7

At the pointed end of the ironing board, press the top of the pants unfolded.

Step 8

Fold one leg along the bottom of the arrow to iron the top. Do the same with the second leg.

Step 9

Check the arrows. The front ones should coincide at the top with the dart or crease at the waist, and the back ones should converge at the waist near the back seam.

Step 10

Often the question arises of smoothing the arrows on the sleeves of the shirt. To make amends or not, let your man decide. Many people don't like the arrows on the sleeves. However, place the sleeve on the ironing board with the top of the sleeve in line with the shoulder line. Iron along this line, making sure no arrows appear on the cuff.

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