How To Wear A Long Dress

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How To Wear A Long Dress
How To Wear A Long Dress

Video: How To Wear A Long Dress

Video: How To Wear A Long Dress
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A long dress is the main outfit for special occasions and holidays. However, today many floor models are simple and concise. These dresses are great for creating spectacular looks in a casual style.

How to wear a long dress
How to wear a long dress


Step 1

Long casual dresses are at their peak of popularity today. Simple silhouettes, beautiful fabrics, cutouts and trims make the outfit a great option for walks, meetings, travel and more. A long dress helps to hide flaws and emphasize advantages. In a spectacular dress to the floor, you will look slender, tall and very feminine girl.

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Long dresses for every day are made from a variety of materials. The most popular among fashionistas are models made of chiffon, fine cotton, silk. There are also floor-length dresses made of linen, satin, knitwear and combined fabrics. Regardless of the material, a long outfit can be monochromatic or variegated, with many patterns and spectacular details. Some models are trimmed with beads, beads, rhinestones, others are extremely laconic.

Step 3

You can wear a long dress with a variety of everyday items. A great option is to combine a floor-length outfit with a denim jacket or vest. From shoes to such a set, flat sandals, flesh-colored ballet flats or clogs are suitable. Choose accessories according to your overall style. For example, use a leather belt, wood jewelry, or head jewelry.

Step 4

An elongated fitted jacket will also look great with a long outfit. In this case, pay special attention to the color combination. If the dress is colorful, the jacket must match one of the colors. If it is monochromatic, the top can be contrasting or sustained in the same key.

Step 5

A floor-length dress can also be worn with chunky knit cardigans. This option is perfect for a cool summer evening. In this case, the main effect will be the contrast of the materials. A cardigan made of thin knitwear will also look very advantageous, but be sure to complement such a set with a belt. In both cases, wedge sandals, platform shoes or high boots with a solid sole are perfect for the ensemble.

Step 6

You can safely wear a long dress not only in summer, but also in cool autumn. For this time of year, the best choice would be an outfit made of knitwear or thick cotton in neutral colors. Dresses in classic colors will look spectacular: white, black, brown, etc.

Step 7

In the cold season, combine a floor-length dress with warm clothes. For example, an elongated woolen / woolen coat or a cropped sheepskin coat will do. If the dress has long sleeves, wear a fur vest. But the most stylish maxi dress looks with a leather jacket. From shoes, shoes and ankle boots with heels, wedge boots, high boots are suitable.