How To Make Big Curls

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How To Make Big Curls
How To Make Big Curls

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Curls give the female image a romantic mystery. But small curls are not for everyone. While large curls are especially feminine, glamorous, always fashionable. If you don't have time for a stylist and hairdresser, use modern cosmetics and household tools to create your hairstyles.

How to make big curls
How to make big curls


Step 1

To create large curls, use hot tongs (curling irons) to wash and dry your hair well. It is advisable to dry them in a natural way, and not with a hair dryer, which will create additional thermal heating for the hair, which is not at all useful for them.

Step 2

Use hair-strengthening products such as mousses and styling foams. Apply a small amount of this mousse to the hair at the roots. Secure the top of your hair at the back of your head. Curl your hair starting from the bottom curls. How large you want the curl to be, the wider the curl of hair you want to curl.

Step 3

Spray each strand with a spray before winding it on the curling iron to preserve the hairstyle. Free the curled strand from the curling iron, do not comb it. Wind the next one. Sprinkle varnish on the bottom of the curled curls. Now start curling the top hair.

Step 4

Now that all your hair is curled up, lower your head down and lightly spray it with some hairspray. This must be done not only to fix the curls, but also to add volume, splendor to the hair. Pull your hair back, style your curls with your hands, without combing them the way you like best. When buying a curling iron, pay attention to its volume. The larger it is, the larger the curls will be.

Step 5

You can resort to using a hair straightener. The principle of curling curls is the same as with a curling iron. At the same time, hair can be taken in larger strands, since the area of ​​the iron is larger than that of the curling iron.

Step 6

An outdated, but not forgotten way of curling curls is curlers. Use large curlers to create the hairstyle you want. For large waves, roll your hair in curlers vertically from the crown to the back of the head. To get large curls, roll your hair horizontally or vertically on curlers, slightly moistening them in a solution of beer (a quarter of a beer in three quarters of a glass of water) or in a solution of black tea.

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