How To Make Stretch Marks Less Noticeable

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How To Make Stretch Marks Less Noticeable
How To Make Stretch Marks Less Noticeable

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Many women are saddened by the fact that stretch marks appear on the body, which usually occur after childbirth, drastic weight loss or recovery. To make superficial skin breaks less noticeable, it is necessary to carry out a number of procedures that provoke the renewal of epithelial tissue and restore elasticity.

How to make stretch marks less noticeable
How to make stretch marks less noticeable


Step 1

Buy good natural honey. After taking a hot bath, massage it into your skin, then lightly pat it with your palm. It will hurt a little, but the effect of such procedures will be noticeable in a few weeks. Do honey peeling every other day or twice a week. If you do not tolerate honey, then rubbing is contraindicated for you, as allergies may appear.

Step 2

Mix mummy with any body cream. Apply the resulting composition after taking a bath or shower. If you like to soak in warm water, add sea salt to it. So you not only minimize stretch marks, but also get rid of cellulite, if, of course, you have it. Sea salt also has healing properties on the body, does not have a toxic effect.

Step 3

Chop the horse chestnut. Pour 50 g of dry raw materials with 200 ml of olive oil, add vitamins A and E. Insist in a dark place for about 1 week. Strain and grind problem areas. Perform the procedure before taking a shower, wrap the skin with cellophane and keep it for several hours.

Step 4

Treat your skin with a body scrub that contains fruit acids and fine abrasive particles. With the regular removal of dead epithelium, the skin begins to renew itself.

Step 5

After peeling your skin, apply seaweed-based body masks. All procedures are tedious to carry out regularly, otherwise the positive effect will not come, so do not be lazy if you want to get rid of stretch marks.

Step 6

Be sure to apply a cream with a high collagen content to problem areas of the skin. This is usually indicated on the packaging, it is advisable to purchase a product that is designed to combat stretch marks on the skin. Also take vitamin complexes regularly.

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