How To Maintain The Beauty Of Oily Hair

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How To Maintain The Beauty Of Oily Hair
How To Maintain The Beauty Of Oily Hair

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When the sebaceous glands work actively, the scalp gets dirty very quickly. The appearance of the hair is seriously affected by this. The hair looks unkempt and dirty, it becomes very unpleasant to the touch. Proper care will help improve the situation.

Causes of increased fat content

Oily hair is the result of improper functioning of the sebaceous glands, which produce excessive amounts of sebum (scientifically "sebum"). There are several reasons for this problem.

For example, the active work of the glands can be a hereditary factor. Pay attention to the hair of the next of kin and try to record how quickly the hair gets dirty and loses its attractive appearance. If relatives have normal / dry hair, the problem may be acquired. This usually occurs during puberty and is the result of hormonal surges.

Nutrition has a great influence on the oiliness of the scalp. Excessive sebum production can begin due to imbalance. Fatty, flour, and smoked foods have a particular negative effect.

Another reason for oily hair: improper care. Oddly enough, daily washing can provoke an active production of sebum. This is due to the fact that the roots dry out, and the body tries to cope with the problem on its own.

Also, the oily hair may change due to weather conditions. For example, the work of the sebaceous glands can increase due to heat. You can cope with the problem and restore beauty to your hair yourself.

Cancellation of the problem at home

Daily shampooing does not lead to anything good. Hair only gets more dirty, becomes more weakened, dry and brittle. Experts recommend to arrange a "headwash" no more than once every two days.

Also, the condition of the hair depends on the time of washing. To make the hair less greasy, the procedure is best done in the morning. At night, the work of the sebaceous glands accelerates, so in the morning, the hair washed in the evening may turn out to be stale again.

Try to use only products for oily hair. They regulate the production of sebum, make the skin clean. You can also use a deep cleansing shampoo once a week.

Do not ignore traditional recipes to help reduce oily hair. For example, make a special rinse water. For dark hair, use 1 tsp. vinegar per liter. For light - 2-3 sachets of chamomile, brewed in the same amount of liquid.

Preventive measures

Proper prevention will help keep your hair clean for a longer time. First, try to brush less often: ideally no more than three times a day. In this case, the comb must first be washed. This precaution will prevent the fat from the roots from staining the hair along its entire length.

Second, review your diet. To tame the work of the sebaceous glands, include seafood, legumes, bran, pumpkin seed oil, boiled meat. These foods are rich in zinc and vitamin B6.

Thirdly, periodically use a special peeling for the scalp. It will perfectly cleanse the skin, which will allow the skin to stay clean and fresh for longer.

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