How Old Can You Start To Dye Your Hair?

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How Old Can You Start To Dye Your Hair?
How Old Can You Start To Dye Your Hair?

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Modern girls usually have their first thoughts about hair dyeing already in adolescence, but mothers and teachers often oppose such cosmetic procedures until they reach at least 16 years.

How old can you start to dye your hair?
How old can you start to dye your hair?

Why you shouldn't dye your hair before the age of 16

When to start painting, it is not only the young fashionista who decides, but also her environment, and in particular her parents and teachers. Parents usually oppose, worrying about hair health. Indeed, even the most gentle colors have a negative effect on the hair, and the girl has a whole life ahead of her. Teachers, on the other hand, often worry about the morality of their charges: girls with dyed hair often look older than their age and inevitably attract the attention of the opposite sex. Considering that girls under 16 do not yet understand men, a bright appearance can really play a cruel joke. The disapproval of the teachers is also explained by the fact that they rightly believe that in adolescence a girl needs to think more about her studies, and not about the regular touch-up of regrown roots.

Many older girls who started to paint too early later regretted and spent a lot of effort to return to their natural color. Only now it is not always possible to restore the initial density and health of the hair, and even expensive cosmetic procedures sometimes do not give the desired effect.

How to choose a color for the first stain

If you nevertheless decide to dye your hair, and this is your first time, be careful when choosing a color. Remember that darkening hair is always easier than lightening, therefore, when choosing between shades, it is better to give preference to a lighter one. In general, nature has given each person the hair color that suits him the most, so you should not choose a shade that is radically different from natural. By dyeing your hair in a color close to natural, you will be able to tint the roots less often, they will not stand out much and spoil the appearance. When first experimenting with hair, it is best to avoid red and red shades. Firstly, they are not suitable for anyone. Secondly, getting rid of them is very difficult. If you have not yet decided on the color, do not rush to buy paint, take a tint shampoo. It damages hair much less and is completely washed off after a week.

There is no need to save money when buying paint. Cheap products do not contain any protective substances. Already after a single use of such a product, the condition of the hair deteriorates significantly. It is better if the hair coloring is carried out in a hairdresser or beauty salon. An experienced craftsman will help you with the shade selection and will apply the paint evenly. This will give you the best results.

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