How To Make Your Hair Smoother

How To Make Your Hair Smoother
How To Make Your Hair Smoother

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Smooth and shiny hair is now in vogue. But not all of them are like that by nature. How to deal with fluffy naughty curls and smooth them out without harming them?

It is not so easy, but possible if you know the characteristics of such hair and choose the right care products.

How to make your hair smoother
How to make your hair smoother

Indeed, fluffy hair causes a lot of inconvenience to their owners. In winter, they are highly electrified and do not want to fit into their hair. In summer, in conditions of high humidity, especially after rain or while relaxing at sea, such hair looks disheveled and tends to curl into chaotic waves.

The reason for this behavior of hair lies in the features of the structure. As a rule, hair is frizzy, with a tendency to curl, with an uneven distribution of moisture in the hair shaft.

Fluffy hair is usually dry. Therefore, you need to treat them especially carefully. Try not to dry with a hairdryer, protect from wind, sun and other damaging factors. It is advisable to use combs made of wood with as sparse teeth as possible. Use shampoos and conditioners intended for dry, unruly hair and smoothing. But the means for the volume of fluffy hair are contraindicated, from them the hair will dry out even more, the head will turn into a dandelion.

It is good to use special light leave-in hair oils and antistatic sprays after washing. They are applied only to the length, without affecting the roots. Wax is also suitable, but it is important not to overdo it with it, otherwise the hair will look dirty and unkempt. As an emergency treatment for frizzy hair, you can use a regular antistatic agent. It will help to instantly smooth the naughty hair, but they often do not need to be abused.

Of course, you can't do without home masks. Oil masks smooth hair well. For example, from warm burdock oil, which is rubbed into the roots and applied to the hair itself under a warming cap for an hour before washing your hair. Masks will also help with other oils, for example, you can mix almond and jojoba oils equally, drip a couple of drops of rosemary and sage essential oils and apply on curls for half an hour.

The yolk additionally nourishes the hair and makes it more elastic. For a mask, it is good to make homemade mayonnaise from a couple of fresh yolks, olive oil and lemon juice. Soak on hair under a film for at least 20 minutes and rinse. Lemon juice has a good effect on hair, makes it manageable, strong and shiny. You can apply an indelible mask of lemon juice diluted in half with water to your hair after each shampooing.

Proper care and regular use of additional products will help make fluffy hair smoother, and a competent hairdresser will help you choose the right hairstyle for your hair, apply the appropriate cutting technique. As a result, the problem of the "gun" on the head is almost completely eliminated.

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