How To Make Kiwi Masks

How To Make Kiwi Masks
How To Make Kiwi Masks

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Kiwi is an exotic fruit that has long conquered people with its unusual sour-sweet taste. But kiwi can not only be eaten, but also made into cosmetics for the skin.

How to make kiwi masks
How to make kiwi masks

The benefits of kiwi as a cosmetic

Kiwi for the face is best used as a mask. This mask gives an instant effect, gives a feeling of lightness, freshness, the skin acquires a healthy tone. The secret of kiwi's benefits is hidden in the composition of the fruit. It is very high in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to prolong the youthfulness of the skin. Kiwi also contains vitamin E, vitamins of group B. Such a composition allows you to improve blood circulation, relieve irritation, fight acne, shrink pores and make the skin more elastic.

Kiwi nourishing mask

Mash 100 g of kiwi and the same amount of banana, add 20 ml of sour cream to the mixture, mix, apply on face, rinse after 20 minutes.

Kiwi Whitening Mask

Mix 100 g of kiwi with 5 g of shredded horseradish, the same amount of chopped lemon. Apply the mass on your face, rinse off with cool water after 5 minutes. This mask cleanses the skin well, with a whitening effect.

Mask for the skin around the eyes

Add 20 g of cottage cheese to the crushed kiwi pulp, apply the mass to the skin, rinse off after 15 minutes. Instead of cottage cheese, you can use kefir. The mask tightens well the skin around the eyelids.

Pimple mask

Mash half of the kiwi fruit, add 10 g of poppy seeds, apply to the skin of the face, rinse with lukewarm water after 20 minutes.

Revitalizing mask after burns or frostbite

Mix the pulp of one kiwi with egg yolk, 7 ml of olive oil. Add 10 g of clay (use green clay for this recipe). Apply the mask to your face, wait 15 minutes.

After applying the kiwi mask, apply a moisturizer to your skin or wipe it with any lotion!

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