Remedies For Acne On The Legs

Remedies For Acne On The Legs
Remedies For Acne On The Legs

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Pimples on the legs can appear for various reasons, but you can get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon if you find out what contributed to its occurrence and take the necessary measures in time.

Remedies for acne on the legs
Remedies for acne on the legs

One of the main causes of leg acne is skin irritation. This can happen during the cold season, when the constant friction of warm winter clothing is accompanied by the production of sweat. The skin is unable to fully breathe, and its pores become inflamed, clogging up with sebaceous secretions. The presence of synthetic fibers in tights or underwear further exacerbates the situation, often complementing the picture with allergic reactions. Preventive measures in this case are wearing clothes made from natural raw materials and using hypoallergenic detergents during washing in order to prevent additional skin irritation from the effects of synthetic detergent powder.

To prevent acne, you can use tar soap while taking a shower. It has the ability to kill staphylococcus bacteria that cause pore inflammation.

In the summer, the appearance of pimples can provoke prolonged exposure to the sun or the bites of various insects. Regardless of the season, this disease can be caused by hormonal imbalance or vitamin deficiency, it can be caused by a cold, illiterate depilation or ingrowth of hairs into the surface layer of the skin, causing severe itching. The best option for starting treatment would be to contact a dermatologist, who, based on the tests performed, will establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe the necessary drugs, but at the initial stage you can try to cope with the problem on your own.

Treatment of the skin of the legs with a washcloth with a rough surface helps to cleanse it of dead cells, relieves of ingrown hairs, makes it firm and elastic and serves to prevent the formation of skin acne.

You can start by treating the skin with preparations containing acetylsalicylic acid, better known as "Aspirin". It is part of salicylic ointment, which has proven itself to be effective against skin irritation. You can try to treat problem areas with aspirin powder mixed in equal proportions with glycerin, but it is better to give preference to water-based products that will not lead to clogged pores. A good effect can be obtained from the use of ointments "Dalatsin" and "Zinerit", made on the basis of antibiotics. Their use must be treated with caution, and if after a 10-day course the acne has not disappeared, and the skin has become dry and flaky, you will have to visit a specialist.

In addition to pharmacy products, you can use folk recipes. It is recommended to wipe the affected areas 2 times a day with a decoction of chamomile or calendula, or to make compresses from this infusion for about 30 minutes. As an internal remedy, it is beneficial to take herbal teas, which cleanse the blood and help restore skin function. Having brewed white ash and chamomile flowers in equal parts and insisting them for half an hour, you can take the remedy instead of tea three times a day. Another herbal collection is used in the same way, and it includes 1 part of nettle, string, St. John's wort, birch buds and calendula.

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