How To Epilate With Brazilian Wax

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How To Epilate With Brazilian Wax
How To Epilate With Brazilian Wax

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Brazilian hair removal has been the most popular type of intimate hair removal for many years. World stars of cinema, television, models and simply fashionable women who care for their bodies choose Brazilian hair removal to look their best.

How to epilate with Brazilian wax
How to epilate with Brazilian wax

Brazilian waxing was first introduced in 1987 at a beauty salon opened by seven Brazilian sisters on Manhattan Island in New York. This procedure remains the most popular hair removal method in the United States. Brazilian hair removal differs from conventional waxing in that the specialist removes hair in the intimate area completely: on the pubis, on the labia and between the buttocks. Sometimes a small strip is left in the pubic area at the request of the client. This procedure is of medium difficulty and lasts about 15-30 minutes.

Ingrown hair is one of the side effects of waxing. Use salicylic acid or glycolic acid body scrubs regularly. Redness or red spots can be treated with hydrocortisone ointment.

How to do Brazilian hair removal

Since it is impossible to carry out a complete removal of intimate hair at home, it is better to turn to professionals. In the beautician's office, you will be asked to put on disposable paper or fabric panties and lie down on the couch. To begin with, the beautician selectively applies talcum powder so that the wax does not stick to the skin. He then spreads the warmed-up wax with a wooden spatula over the hair removal area, sticks a strip of fabric, presses it to the hair and then, when the wax cools, pulls it off against the hair growth.

Usually, work begins in the pubic area and ends with the buttocks. You may be asked to help hold the folds of skin with your hands. Since Brazilian hair removal involves the presence of a vertical pubic strip, at the end of the work, the beautician may suggest that you design the remaining hair, dye it, or even apply a tattoo with temporary ink. After finishing work, soothing cosmetics are applied to the entire intimate area.

To avoid ingrown hairs, use mild body scrubs. Brazilian hair removal must be repeated every 2-4 weeks. Each time, the procedure will be easier to transfer. If a real professional is working, waxing should not be too painful. But if you feel uncomfortable, ask your beautician to remove hair in small portions.

Brazilian waxing is best done in the middle of your monthly cycle.

How to prepare for Brazilian hair removal

Successful epilation requires the hair to be at least about 0.5 cm long. If the hair is too long, the beautician can straighten it with an electric razor or trimmer. But if the hair is less than 5 mm long, you will be sent home, as the wax will not be able to completely capture the short hair. Removing hair with wax is always painful, especially the first time. If you have a low pain tolerance, you may need to take a pain reliever one hour before your procedure. The hair removal area can be treated with a local anesthetic 45 minutes before epilation.

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