Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks On The Chest

Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks On The Chest
Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks On The Chest

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It is much easier to prevent stretch marks from occurring than to get rid of them later. They are formed against the background of a weakened muscle tone and low elasticity of the skin when it is stretched. The reasons can be different - endocrine diseases, hormonal disorders and, most common, rapid weight gain and rapid weight loss (during pregnancy and breastfeeding).

Getting rid of stretch marks on the chest
Getting rid of stretch marks on the chest

Ways to eliminate stretch marks

As soon as the first signs of stretch marks appear, it is better to start acting right away, since at the initial stage you can easily get rid of them at home. The process includes a whole range of procedures: massage, water procedures, changes in diet and nutrition, and it will not do without the use of cosmetics.


There are two types of massage - Taoist and manual. They differ in the technique of execution. Whichever type you choose - the main thing is to avoid rough and intensified movements, strong intensity. You should limit yourself to light stroking and rubbing. You, of course, can turn to a professional massage therapist, but in order to save time and money, a husband or mother may well cope with this task.

Water procedures

The contrast shower itself helps to tone up and strengthen the blood vessels. Water fills the skin of the breasts, thighs and other areas of the body with moisture, which helps to regenerate cells and improve blood circulation. Using aromatic oils and sea salt while taking a bath will not only improve the condition of the skin, but also impart a delicate fragrance to the skin and soothe shattered nerves. You can also tighten the skin of the chest with ice cubes, wiping them with it a couple of times a day.

Cosmetical tools

Of course, in pharmacies and specialized stores, a huge number of different, effective and not very effective, creams, scrubs and masks are sold. But not everyone can afford them, so homemade products will come to the rescue. For example, honey products that saturate damaged areas with vitamins and help the skin regenerate faster. Clay, sour cream, cottage cheese, algae wraps are very effective, as they saturate the body with minerals and essential components.

Don't forget about proper nutrition and exercise. The complex procedures will help get rid of stretch marks. If this does not happen, you can always turn to professionals for help.

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