How To Compose Your Personal Diet

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How To Compose Your Personal Diet
How To Compose Your Personal Diet

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Surely, any of the fair sex wants to correct her figure, and most want to lose "a little" weight, rarely anyone wants to put on weight. If you feel uncomfortable in your own body, then this is already a reason to lose weight. And it is possible to lose weight: you need to start eating right and in a balanced way and make your own personal diet.

How to compose your personal diet
How to compose your personal diet


Step 1

To begin with, rethink your position in life in terms of your nutrition, and indeed all food in general. You must realize that the diet you are going to "go" on is not designed for one week. You will regularly have to deny yourself especially high-calorie foods that are specifically contraindicated for you.

Step 2

The next step can be twofold: you either turn to a nutritionist who, through testing, draws up a diet for you that will allow you to adjust your figure in the right direction, or you independently analyze your data.

Step 3

If you chose the latter option, then get ready for a thorough analysis. To begin with, you must measure your volumes and establish what exactly does not suit you. Keep a special notebook where you will write down changes in the course of losing weight. Your first numbers should be your initial volumes, then write down those that you want to achieve.

Step 4

After that, look for information on high-calorie foods. If there are your favorites among them, then you should not eliminate them from your diet altogether, but firmly limit the volume (preferably in grams) of this product per week (it is better not to consume more times a week). It all depends on the weight you want to lose and the amount of time you choose. Do not hope that by eating healthy and normal food, you will lose 3-5 kg ​​in a week. This is possible only if you do not eat at all. It is better to limit yourself to a month, and then it is quite possible to lose about five kilograms.

Step 5

You must decide how many times a day you should eat. Note that if you usually eat five times a day, and now suddenly want to "jump" to food twice a day, then you are unlikely to succeed. You have to eat so many times a day until the end of your life (it sounds, of course, globally, but the mood should be just that), so choose the best option - three meals a day. And exclude all sorts of snacks. Choose a time convenient for you when you will eat, while knowing that you can eat almost everything before 12 noon (within reason), because calories should be burned during the working day. By the evening the food should be getting easier.

Step 6

Next, use the reference literature and choose the products that you "can afford". Find a special table that shows the ratio of foods to calories. It is also recommended not to eat after 6 or 7 pm. And remember: everything is in your hands!

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