How To Choose An Evening Dress For A Pregnant Woman

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How To Choose An Evening Dress For A Pregnant Woman
How To Choose An Evening Dress For A Pregnant Woman

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Pregnancy is one of the special periods in a woman's life. To emphasize femininity and all the beauty of an interesting position, the expectant mother needs to choose clothes wisely. The choice of evening dress is no exception.

How to choose an evening dress for a pregnant woman
How to choose an evening dress for a pregnant woman


Step 1

The main criterion for choosing an evening dress should be convenience. A dress for a pregnant woman should be comfortable, that is, not restrict movement and tightly tighten the growing belly. Pay attention to trapeze dresses and models with a tight and loose silhouette - these styles are recognized as the most comfortable during pregnancy. Do not write off the Empire style dresses. Such evening dresses have not lost their relevance for several seasons in a row.

Step 2

As a rule, breasts enlarge during pregnancy. This is a reason to emphasize it with a dress with additional decor on the chest, a seductive neckline or V-neckline. Pay attention to the high-waisted models, which are always popular among expectant mothers. This style not only gives freedom to the growing tummy, but also favorably emphasizes the increased bust.

Step 3

If you do not want to focus the attention of others on your position, feel free to make a choice in favor of an A-shaped silhouette dress. It is desirable that the color of the outfit be neutral. When choosing a dress with an intricate and bright print, you will only emphasize your rounded belly. If we talk about the length of such a dress, then it should be above the knee. To give your look even more feminine, feel free to add appropriate accessories to your evening outfit.

Step 4

Babydoll dresses are suitable for thin pregnant women. Such an outfit has a high waist, a deep neckline, and a flared skirt. As a rule, all attention in the style of baby-dollars is focused on the chest. If the girl has narrow feminine shoulders and thin arms, then this outfit will come in handy. Pregnancy implies a certain elegance and restraint, so a very open and short dress will not be entirely appropriate. When choosing a baby-dollar dress, you should give preference to models with a length just below the knee. This will not only stretch the silhouette, but also veil the excess volume.

Step 5

Dresses in the Greek style will be an ideal evening option for a pregnant woman. Their numerous draperies will very favorably emphasize all the beauty and tenderness of a woman's interesting position. Such dresses will look most advantageous on tall women. Also, they will suit midi-length models, floor-length outfits and sheath dresses.

Step 6

A high-waisted shirt dress will be very comfortable during pregnancy. In it, you can safely go to a party or other festive event. If you want to draw more attention to your person, give preference to a dress with an asymmetrical hem and a non-flashy print.

Step 7

The composition of the fabric plays an important role when choosing an evening dress for a pregnant woman. To feel comfortable, you need to give preference to natural materials. If the expectant mother decides to wear a synthetic dress, then you need to walk around in this outfit for a while to make sure that it does not bring discomfort. The changed gait will be hidden by a dress made of chiffon, assembled from several layers. This material will also add airiness to the image. Lace outfits are suitable for romantic natures, and velvet fabrics will make the look chic.

Step 8

You need to be able to choose the right color for an evening dress. Since the figure of the pregnant woman is changing, it is better to give preference to soft pastel shades. They will add romance to the image and blur the outlines. But do not deny yourself bright colors. The expectant mother looks irresistible in a dress of malachite, chocolate, lingonberry and dark blue.Women of small stature should not combine several colors in their outfit.

Step 9

Shoes for pregnant women should have a steady heel. But sandals without a heel will do. They can be silver or gold, as well as rhinestones or decorative buckles. It all depends on the decor of the dress. Classic pumps to match the dress will look amazing in any case. If the choice falls on ballet flats, then they should be monochromatic and bright. This will make the look more attractive.

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